Brussels / 2 & 3 February 2019


Richard Barry

Photo of Richard Barry

Richard Barry founded the FreeRTOS project in 2003, spent more than a decade developing and promoting FreeRTOS through his company Real Time Engineers Ltd, and now continues his work with FreeRTOS as a principal engineer at Amazon Web Services. FreeRTOS is a cross platform standard RTOS kernel for microcontrollers that is ported to more than 30 microcontroller cores and 18 toolchains. FreeRTOS was downloaded once every three minutes during 2017 - making FreeRTOS one of the leading RTOSes in its class. Richard graduated with 1st Class Honors in Computing for Real Time Systems, and was awarded an Honorary Doctorate for his contributions to the development of embedded technology. Richard has also been directly involved in the startup of several companies, and authored several books.


Title Day Room Track Start End
Running the FreeRTOS kernel in RISC-V emulators and RISC-V hardware
Saturday AW1.126 RISC-V 14:45 15:15