Brussels / 2 & 3 February 2019


Declare your Linux Network state!

NMState is a new declarative API that simplifies Linux network management.

Various services built on top of Linux need to manage the network configuration. Each service models network entities differently and uses various APIs to change the network state, multiplying the required work. NMState centralizes the challenges by providing a unified declarative representation of the Linux network state and allowing to modify it using the same schema. NMState also provides Ansible network modules to manage Linux systems, conforming to the same uniform schema used to control network appliances. The talk will introduce NMState, its core capabilities, current users and roadmap, including plans for Kubevirt, oVirt, Openshift and Openstack support. Afterwards, the audience will understand the benefits of using NMState to centralize collaboration on Linux network management.


Photo of Till Maas Till Maas
Photo of Edward Haas Edward Haas