Brussels / 2 & 3 February 2019


Apply complex network configuration to your Kubernetes cluster hosts by declaring it

Classical Kubernetes workload consists of microservices, that are relatively cheap to restart and reschedule. With the expansion of containerized application technologies, heavier, longer-living applications are looking to leverage Kubernetes. These applications may keep a complex state that is hard to relocate and may have strong hardware requirement. Thus, stopping and rescheduling them is more expensive and disruptive to the application. For such applications, an administrator would like to modify the configuration of the cluster nodes on-the-fly. In particular, this is important for network-related changes, such as setting SR-IOV cards or defining bonds. In this talk you will learn about kubernetes-nmstate. A tool that allows Kubernetes administrators to dynamically configure networking on cluster nodes.

Attendees will learn how to configure node network from the Kubernetes API


Petr Horáček