Brussels / 2 & 3 February 2019


ossia ecosystem workshop

Combining media of all kinds with libossia and ossia score

We propose a workshop on the usage of the various software of the ossia ecosystem (, which are a set of tools to be used in a creative coding context, in order to create art, in particular shows, artistic installations, or museum exhibitions.

We will present the usage of two tools. First, the library libossia (, which allows exposure and control of the parameters of a creative software over the network across many different languages and environments (C++, Java, C#, PureData, Python, SuperCollider, Qt/QML, Faust...). Then, we will show and teach the usage of the software ossia score (, which allows to score the parameters of these creative applications in time, as well as include media, sound effects, hardware peripherals, robots, DMX lightning, etc. In particular, the interactive features, which allow for non-interactive timelines and scoring will be showcased and explained.

The OSCQuery protocol will be discussed ( It has been conceived in collaboration with the authors of multiple industrial-grade media software companies such as VDMX, Vezér, Millumin and others. This protocol is implemented in libossia and allows extensive interoperability amongst this kind of software, in particular between websites and traditional desktop software thanks to the use of WebSockets.


Jean-Michaël Celerier