Brussels / 2 & 3 February 2019


Patrick Franken

Photo of Patrick Franken

Patrick is a software engineer with a 10 year track record, book author and managing director of AISLER B.V. In his position at AISLER B.V. he leads the software engineering team which develops in-house pure-Ruby software to improve the domestic manufacturing of electronic components. Enabled by this AISLER B.V. delivers over 15.000 electronic prototypes each year to companies, individuals and universities. Beside that he loves to teach the craft of programming to young people. Because of this he co-authored "Das Calliope-Buch" (ISBN 9783864904684) which is available to pupils in Germany to learn programming from an early age on. He is a regular speaker at FOSDEM in Brussels, his last talks have been "Ruby bindings for Libgerbv" and "Proposal for an open and democratic Design Rule format".


Title Day Room Track Start End
Fritzing - the past, the present and the future
Paving the way for Fritzing's development
Sunday AW1.125 CAD and Open Hardware 12:00 12:25