Brussels / 2 & 3 February 2019


gtk-rs: newest and future developments

Progress report on GTK+ Rust bindings

A tour on newest and future developments for gtk-rs, the Rust bindings to GTK+.



  • Small presentation of Gtk-rs project.
  • Small code demonstration.

Last year developments:

  • Add of futures to handle asynchronous function calls.
  • Generation of union types.
  • A lot of new types/functions generated.

Next developments:

  • Generate bindings for functions/methods taking callbacks as argument.
  • Long run: being able to "subclass" widgets.
  • Global API improvements as always!
  • Generate sys crates documentation on as well?

gtk-rs ecosystem:

  • A lot of projects are starting to use gtk-rs, two of them are part of the ten most active GNOME projects on gitlab (Fractal - - and Podcasts -
  • Some (nice) API are built upon it like relm (

Question time!


Guillaume Gomez