Brussels / 2 & 3 February 2019


Apache Lucene and Apache Solr 8

What’s coming next?

Spring 2019 will be the time for a new major release of Apache Lucene and the well-known search server Apache Solr. Since Lucene 7 a lot new features have been developed, mainly a new way to short circuit query execution if the total number of hits is not needed. This may improve query execution for common full text search use cases enormously. The talk will also present other new features and changes like change to a more standard BM25 implementation or optimizations for Java 9 and later Java versions using MR-JAR files. The second part of this talk will quickly cover news in Apache Solr: Solr 8 now also uses HTTP/2 for its cloud communication.


Photo of Uwe Schindler Uwe Schindler