Brussels / 2 & 3 February 2019


ONOS Introduction

Overview of ONOS, Open Network Operating System from ONF, the Open Networking Foundation.

ONOS is an open source project, written in Java that aims to deliver a software-defined networking (SDN) OS focusing on scalability, high availability, and high performance. The session will go over the ONOS modular architecture, its main tenets, use cases, and applications. It will describe the APIs that enable programmability in the network, both at the control and data planes.

The talk will detail how your needs in network programmability are easily solved by new apps, REST APIs and other tools that the ONOS platform offers. ONOS has become production ready. The code undergoes strict and high-quality testing. ONOS is currently in production in data centers managing traffic on thousands of customers in mission critical networks. The talk will highlight how ONOS serves as a building block for opensource and commercial projects, such as Software enabled Broadband Access (SEBA), SONA for networking in Openstack and others. ONOS is also deployable in a kubernetes environment through docker containers. ONOS also keeps pushing the boundary of new technologies, for example enabling data plane programmability through P4 and P4Runtime and by providing support and connectivity to edge cloud deployments to better offer low-latency, personalised and secure services to the end-users.

Finally, the talk will dive into the great ONOS open-source community, its strengths and how to become part of it.


Photo of Laszlo Papp Laszlo Papp