Brussels / 2 & 3 February 2019


Replicated SDS with DRBD & LINSTOR

An Open Source SDS for the automated management of storage clusters

Presentation of the LINSTOR SDS system, which automates the management of different types of block storage volumes on a cluster of storage servers, with a focus on replicated storage for high availability and disaster recovery.

Focus on architecture & implementation of the system, integration with other software and the development process.

Intended audience:

  • Operators, Architects, Developers of cloud & virtualization environments
  • Operators of systems based on software defined storage
  • Operators of OpenStack, OpenNebula, Proxmox virtualization platforms
  • Operators of Kubernetes/Docker containerization

Focus of the lecture & discussion:

  • Existing storage technologies, focus on Linux: block devices in general, device mapper/LVM, ZFS, DRBD, dmcrypt, etc.
  • Challenges of automating storage management (allocation/modification (resizing, ...)/deallocation of volumes)
  • Challenges of managing clusters (parallelization, networking, ...)
  • Our solutions - how the system works, protocols involved, security model, configuration persistence, transaction safety, etc.
  • Some interesting implementation details
  • How the development team works - methods, processes, project management, the tools that we like to use


Photo of Robert Altnoeder Robert Altnoeder