Brussels / 2 & 3 February 2019


AMENDMENT Data services in a hybrid cloud world with Ceph

Making data as portable as your stateless microservices

PLEASE NOTE: Sage was delayed travelling and this talk has been rearranged from 13.00 on Saturday.

IT organizations of the future (and present) are faced with managing infrastructure that spans multiple private data centers and multiple public clouds. Emerging tools and operational patterns like kubernetes and microservices are easing the process of deploying applications across multiple environments, but the achilles heel of such efforts remains that most applications require large quantities of state, either in databases, object stores, or file systems. Unlike stateless microservices, state is hard to move.

Ceph is known for providing scale-out file, block, and object storage within a single data center, but it also includes a robust set of multi-cluster federation capabilities. This talk will cover how Ceph's underlying multi-site capabilities complement and enable true portability across cloud footprints--public and private--and how viewing Ceph from a multi-cloud perspective has fundamentally shifted our data services roadmap, especially for Ceph object storage.


Photo of Sage Weil Sage Weil