Brussels / 2 & 3 February 2019


Hands on debugging with Delve

Hands on Go debugging with Delve. Less slides, more substance: this talk will be focused on live demos that the audience is invited to participate in. Come learn advanced debugging techniques and the intricacies of the Delve debugger.

In this talk I will present several demos, all of which will be available online. Each demo will target a specific use case of Delve. The goal is for audience members to walk away with an expert level understanding on the usage of the Delve debugger. During the course of this talk users will be guided through basic to very advanced usage of Delve, exploring features they may not have used, or known existed!

Topics covered will include basic debugging, tracing, advanced Goroutine debugging, panic debugging, general advanced debugging and low-level debugging (exploring registers, disassembly, etc). Each demo will have an accompanying program that will be hosted online and available for everyone to download to enable everyone to follow along.


Derek Parker