Brussels / 2 & 3 February 2019


Beyond The First Steps

Key ideas and advices to improve your development posture

There is plenty of content available to teach you the first steps in Rust… But what about after?

What are good resources? how can you leverage generated documentation instead of just tutorials and books? How can you manage the trade-offs in API design? We’ll look at some content and examples, both old and new, worth consuming and talk about their key ideas.

Then, we’ll spend some time talking about some ways to refine your APIs, measure the impact of optimizations, reduce mental overhead on your developers, and tools to help you dig into the heart of your code (flamegraphs, metrics, failure injection, debugging).


  • 5 min: A Brief Introduction (to help with context)
  • 10-15 mins: Content Resources
  • Rust Conference/Meetup Videos
  • Great Articles
  • RFCs (and how to figure them out)
  • 5 mins: Flexible/Optional Parameters
  • 5 mins: Linearizable Types & #[must_use]
  • (Optional, or pick any/all) 5 mins: Flamegraphs (Flamer) OR Prometheus (rust-prometheus) OR Debugging (lldb/VS Code).


Jay Lee
Ana Hobden