Brussels / 2 & 3 February 2019


Wayland in IVI systems

In-Vehicle-Infotainment systems and their graphics sub-system

A few years back Wayland started to change the open source graphics stack in Linux. Today a few major Linux distribution are already using wayland as default window system. Also in In-Vehicle-Infotament(IVI)systems Wayland becomes popular, several projects are already successfully launched, popularity is growing and bigger automotive communities like Genivi and AGL are participating. IVI environment is quite different for the Desktop on and one of the important difference is in the window or application management. Weston as an open source reference implementation of wayland compositor cannot be used directly and needs some adjustments. To address this point ivi-shell was introduced to Weston and provides a possibility to realize IVI specific use-cases. I would like to present the available implementation and talk about upcoming use-cases like virtualization and distributed HMI


Photo of Eugen Friedrich Eugen Friedrich