Brussels / 2 & 3 February 2019


Designing for Activism

An overview of the UX overhaul of OONI Probe

How do you design a user experience to guide both grassroot contributors as well as the advanced data researchers? That's what we were trying to solve in the past year for OONI Probe, the internet censorship measurement tool which enables thousands of activists worldwide to measure their network and automatically report potential anomalies of censorship. As part of the Tor Project, OONI Probe is vital to in helping the Internet Freedom movement, as all data gathered is Freely accessible as Open Data.

During the talk we will go through the redesigned OONI Probe 2.0 for Mobile and Desktop and explain the new design system and how we hope to design an experience which enables both advanced and beginners to OONI and measuring internet censorship.


Photo of Elio Qoshi Elio Qoshi