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09:30 Welcome to FOSDEM 2019
10:00 Can Anyone Live in Full Software Freedom Today?
10:30 Welcome to the MySQL, MariaDB & Friends Devroom Welcome AMENDMENT Introduction of OSS Weaviate, the Decentralised Knowledge Graph VLC 4.0 "Enlightening" KVM XDP (eXpress Data Path) as a building block for other FOSS projects Welcome to the Open Source Design Collective! When open source meets quantum computing Welcome to the Ada DevRoom LLVM+Clang for RISC-V .NET on the Web with Mono WebAssembly 25 Years of FreeBSD A small, FRP DSL for distributed systems VkRunner: a Vulkan shader test tool Welcome to the RetroComputing devroom Relaunching the ODF Adoption TC at OASIS Welcome to the Legal and Policy Issues devroom Ten years of Puppet installations: what now? Introduction to OpenAPI Specification The State of Go Continuous Localization CANCELLED Open and federated identities with ID4me
  State of OpenJDK An Introduction to Ada for Beginning and Experienced Programmers Hatari - a cycle-exact Atari ST emulator What did I just agree to?
  Patterns and anti-patterns in OSS participation
  Why JSON when you can DSL?
11:00 FLOSS, the Internet and the Future Better loop mounts with NBD The final release of Kodi v18 Getting To Blinky: Virt Edition Apache Maven Component-based Design System and Development Forest: An Open Source Quantum Software Development Kit Advanced TypeScript tooling at scale How to build a FreeBSD CI/CD environment based on pot container Intel GFX CI: Validation done the Linux way Server side solution for generating ODF reports Introducing the CERN Open Hardware Licence version 2 Keeping Track of Stateful Infrastructure Building Pantheon documentation Building modern desktop apps in Go Firefox is your Marionette Watching Them Watching Us
  AMENDMENT Open source projects at Silicium retrocomputing association
  Making Your MySQL Replication Setup Run Faster!
11:15 Gephi JS: Exploring the dystopian future of a Javascript Gephi Templating Languages for Interactive Fiction
  Rumble in the Java Jungle Cilium - overview and recent updates
11:30 GStreamer 1.16 and beyond Toward exploring virtual disks using a file manager! Open Educational Resources on Digital Accessibility for Building Your Own Courses Sequential Programming in Ada: Lessons Learned Porting Debian to the RISC-V architecture Typescript => IL => Game Modding Supercharged XR Resurrecting Mozilla Themes for LibreOffice Now what? Following through on your community guidelines Multilingual Kubernetes How to write a reverse-proxy with Go in 25 minutes HTTP/3 Analysis of the behavior of mobile applications and its consequences for our privacy
  AMENDMENT Un-split brain (aka Move Back in Time) MySQL Merging System and Network Monitoring with BPF Tcl - An Embeddable Long-lever with a Comfortable Grip, that fits in your Pocket.
11:45 Automated firewall testing
  Loom: Weaving executions Delivering Practical Quantum Computing on the D-Wave System
  CANCELED Restoring a 30+ years old Minitel server on Apple II
12:00 Blockchain: The Ethical Considerations ELI5: ZFS Caching Creating a Computing Revolution: from Personal Computers to Personal Servers Leveraging real-time streaming with Neo4j-Streams Fearless Multimedia Programming It's Time for the Populator Designing for Activism Autonomous Train Control Systems: a First Approach Hacking F# in JS ecosystem IGT GPU Tools - the past, the present, the future Quo vadis, LibreOffice extensions? Open source in the quest for GDPR compliance Multicloud CI/CD with OpenStack and Kubernetes Write Drunk - Test Automated Git database with bitmap index LibreHosters Apache Camel Meetup
  Minimalism matters
  MySQL Replication - Advanced Features Unifying network filtering rules for the Linux kernel with eBPF
  Cogito Java Checkpoint/Restore
  D-Wave's Software Development Kit Minimalism versus Types GBForth: Using Forth to understand the Game Boy
12:30 GStreamer embedded state of the union 2019 Bare Metal In The Cloud: Isn’t it Ironic? Oko: Open vSwitch Extensions with BPF UX at Tor The future of Supervisor Binary Interface(SBI) AMENDMENT Retro.NET - .NET for building Console Applications Wayland in IVI systems Improving LibreOffice quality together LibreOffice: the origins of a community fork Getting to Closer to a Software Help Language Hands on debugging with Delve Global Consent Manager Onion adventures
  Embedded FreeBSD on a five-core RISC-V processor using LLVM
  Emitter: Scalable, fast and secure pub/sub in Go Tapping Into the Binary Log Change Stream
12:45 Graph usage in EFL An update on Virtio Connecting .NET Core to D-Bus
  Java with Docker: How to Make it Work Luerl: Lua in Erlang
13:00 Mattermost’s Approach to Layered Extensibility in Open Source AMENDMENT Handling Security Flaws in an Open Source Project - Jeremy Allison Leela Chess Zero Inject the Web into your GStreamer pipeline with WPE Managing VMs and Containers in a Deeply Integrated UI Writing Network Drivers in High-Level Languages Breaking Down Language Barriers D-Wave Hybrid Framework Controlling the Execution of Parallel Algorithms in Ada Valkyrja and the tale of eating servers using C# An Update on NetBSD Greenfield: An in-browser Wayland compositor Introduction to the BASIC Engine Collabora Office on iOS Redis Labs & the tragedy of the Commons Clause Use configmanagement for your ... configmanagement. LPI Exam Session 1 Who needs pandoc when you have Sphinx? Designing Command-Line Tools People Love Project Things Retroshare JSON API MuseScore User and developer Meetup
  The art of multiplexing MySQL connections with ProxySQL Using networks to study 18th century French trade Never
13:15 Voice Controlled Radio TypeScript-It's time to migrate!
  MALT, A Malloc Tracker Performance tuning Twitter services with Graal and Machine Learning How a Connect-X device driver works
13:30 EBUs - Live IP Software Toolkit Monitoring Kubernetes and Virtualization The real cost of not doing user research Persistence with Ada Database Objects Alternative languages for safe and secure RISC-V programming Interactive Computing with F# Jupyter Complex cameras are (were?) complex Preventing OOXML interoperability problems in LibreOffice How should lawyers behave? Legal "Ethics" and Free Software Mgmt Config: The Road to 0.1 To the future with Grav CMS Go containers? Go serverless? The New Internet
  VNF development made easy with netmap What is IBMQ GWL: GNU Workflow Language
  Structured Concurrency Improve your SQL The State of Webassembly in 2019
13:45 Preserving numerical algorithms
  Securing the JVM, neither for fun nor for profit, but do you really have a choice?
  Differentiated access control to graph data
14:00 Matrix in the French State Square Kilometre Array and its Software Defined Supercomputer VBoard, making web dashboards in 3D and VR RIST - an evolutionary video transport protocol Make Room! Make Room! SailfishOS Open Source Design in the trenches: a case study Shrink your Data to (almost) Nothing with Trained Compression Infrastructure as Typescript Perl 6 as a new tool for language compilers AMENDMENT HDMI CEC: A Status Update New interoperability, i18n and LibreLogo improvements of LibreOffice Configurations: Do you prove yours ? gRPC, Protobufs and Go... OH MY! Challenges With Building End-to-End Encrypted Applications - Learnings From EteSync GNURadio BoF
  ONOS Introduction FreeBSD Graphics
  LATERAL derived table in MySQL VR Map: WebXR with Real-World OSM Data
14:15 How compact is compiled RISC-V code? Making Open Source Hardware for Retrogaming on Raspberry Pi
  MicroPython – Python for Microcontrollers Learning about Deep Learning: Applications for OpenJDK/Java Verification
  Automation networking engine for enterprise SDN Make your code count: Quantum simulations and collaborative code development Experience with wisp
14:30 Video Analysis using CUDA and OpenCV Use kcli with all your virtualization solutions! Our Open Source Design collective Why, and How, we compiled Xaml into IL Writing X11/Wayland agnostic GL applications with Waffle Mysql connector and other databases in LibreOffice FOSS Governance: The good, the bad and the ugly Uyuni: A world-class open source frontend solution for managing your software-defined infrastructure with Salt AI image search with Go & Tensorflow The right to data portability (and why it's a very bad idea)
  A brief story about friendship Test complex database systems in a laptop with dbdeployer Multiplex graph analysis with GraphBLAS A Scalable Approach to Virtual Switching Inclusion Includes You
14:45 FreeRTOS on RISC-V FreeBSD in Audio Studio
  An introduction to Middleware Application Monitoring with Java Mission Control and Flight Recorder Building a whole distro on top of a minimalistic language
15:00 DNS over HTTPS - the good, the bad and the ugly PostgreSQL Goes to 11! My 10 year journey with FOSSASIA: A woman's pathway to open source Futatabi: Multi-camera instant replay with slow motion High performance virtual machines in oVirt VPP & Ligato use cases: Contiv/VPP CNI plugin for Kubernetes & IPSEC VPN gateway Designing for Security GSH: an Ada POSIX Shell to Speed Up GNU Builds on Windows .NET Core 2.1 in Production A low latency GPU engine based reset mechanism for a more robust UI experience The First Contact Online - under the hood Making Sense of so many License Compliance Tools Declare your Linux Network state! A private cloud for everyone When and How to use CGo Enough: How journalism can benefit from free software ZeroPhone meetup
  MariaDB and MySQL — what statistics optimizer needs Automated Analysis of TLS 1.3
15:15 Strawberry Fields - software for photonic quantum computing
  Autocrypt - Automating E-Mail Encryption The Missing Benchmark Metric: Memory Consumption GNU Mes
  Mgmt Config: A tale of three graphs AMENDMENT Who needs to know? Private-by-design collaboration
15:30 The SReview review system Speeding up the Booting Time of a Toro Appliance Panel: Difficulties in having more designers participate in Open Source What is Safety-Critical Software, and How Can Ada and SPARK Help? Lessons learned from porting HelenOS to RISC-V Medical image reconstruction using the .NET Framework Migrating a Big Data Cluster from Linux to FreeBSD Vereign toolbar in LibreOffice Online Sysadmins, too, deserve interface stability LPI Exam Session 2 Building a Hardware MIDI Player Nextcloud
  IMAP, JMAP and the future of open email standards Northbound Connections of VPP for NFV in Containers and Kubernetes MySQL and the CAP theorem: relevance & misconceptions How XR goes beyond demos and games
  A walkthrough guide to implementing a compiler intrinsic Guile 3: Faster programs via just-in-time compilation Tiki: Easy setup of wiki-based knowledge management system
16:00 Netflix and FreeBSD Hugepages and databases Eventyay! An event system for community organizers How libre can you go? Apply complex network configuration to your Kubernetes cluster hosts by declaring it Building production-grade networking software with FD.io CSIT Samba 4 self-compiling Secure Web Applications with AWA Intel® Hardware Intrinsics in .NET Core Flickerfree boot Profiling PHP applications Improving SmartArt import in LibreOffice Impress Who wants you to think nobody uses the AGPL and why Pulp 3: Ready for a Test Drive Parallel programming in Go for performance with the Pargo library Dark Peak Data Co-op Kodi Meetup
  PennyLane - Automatic differentiation and machine learning of quantum computations
  How to create a useful MySQL bug report Countless, Beautiful Contributions
16:15 Updates from the RISC-V TEE Group OpenBSD as a full-featured NAS system Displaying other Application data into a Wiki
  Open Software deserves Open Hardware Build your own GC with OpenJDK in 20 minutes A Guiler's Year of Racket
16:30 Ceph wire protocol revisited - Messenger V2 Migrating from Adobe Connect - the Victory of FOSS Over Proprietary Software Real-time virtualization automation Testing your infrastructure and services with the help of OPNFV testperf team Mobile design with device-to-device networks Reinventing MVC pattern for web programming with F# What's new in the GPU virtual world? Do you know "layers"? Advocating For FOSS Inside Companies Redux Codifying infrastructure with Terraform for the future The clusterfuck hidden in the Kubernetes code base YunoHost
  The Skulls project - coreboot your Laptop How Online Backup works in MyRocks and RocksDB LibreOffice Online - hosting your documents Speed without Shenanigans
  Making the JIT part of the cloud Fractalide and Cantor
  Quantum Computing at Google and in the Cloud Working with Webhooks
17:00 The TPM2 software community PostgreSQL vs. fsync bmclib: A Baseboard Management Controller library Securing Secure Boot on Xen Are you insured against your noisy neighbor? Nethserver Dotting the ethics i and crossing the t Distributed Computing with Ada and CORBA using PolyORB Tuning a Runtime for Both Productivity and Performance ZFS Powered Magic Upgrades V4L2: A Status Update Clang plugins in LibreOffice - global analyses across a large codebase Embedded with Go: from an AWK prototype to a gokrazy appliance Organisational Processes in Decentralized Software Free Software on Mobile Devices
  AMENDMENT XWiki: a collaborative apps development platform
  TiDB: Distributed, horizontally scalable, MySQL compatible
17:15 Challenges in Monitoring Distributed Storage Environment and how Tendrl addresses them Using SAIL to generate GNU assembler/disassembler and simulator for RISC-V
  Maemo Leste Tested for Business: An Open and Transparent Quality Kit Introduction to dpdk-burst-replay Make your own language with Racket
  Yet Moar CSS Features
17:30 ossia ecosystem workshop XCP-ng: building an Open Source and turnkey virtualization platform The Yoast Design Meeting and how it started us on the path to open source design Cappulada: Smooth Ada Bindings for C++ Panel: Open Source .NET PipeWire Native GTK Dialogs The surprising interaction of open source and patent exhaustion Automate Kubernetes Workloads with Ansible Tuning Go GC Parameters ActivityPub panel
  Enrich your NIC's capabilities with DPDK SoftNIC Functions as a Service
  Running Android on the Raspberry Pi MySQL Performance Schema in 20 Minutes
17:45 What's new in DeepSea Promotion of open source and role of standardization in Quantum Computing Walking through walls
  Java Language Futures From closed to Open Source switch ASICs
  Memex: Collaborative Web-Research
18:00 Mender - an open source OTA software update manager for IoT Raft in Scylla 10 years of open source test case management rust-vmm Making furniture with Javascript The AZip Archive Manager: a full-Ada Open-Source Portable Application Buildroot for RISC-V Reducing Memory Usage of Mesa's Shader Compiler (Again) Are we optimiert yet? Organizer's Panel -- Now and Forever How We Modified an Agent-based Automation System to Become an Agentless One How Kubernetes used gRPC to encrypt secrets with an external Key Management Service Decentralizing the Web Despite Itself
  MySQL 8.0 Component Infrastructure
18:15 Replicated SDS with DRBD & LINSTOR .NET and TypeScript Lightning Talks Text Mining with OpenOffice
  Cloud Native Security 101 OpenJDK Governing Board Q&A CubicWeb Linked Data Browser Extension
18:30 Virtual IOMMU Implementation using HW Nested Paging Pitch your project Proof of Pointer Programs with Ownership in SPARK Fedora on RISC-V 64-bit Rspamd integration into FreeBSD.org mail infrastructure 0 A.D: Graphics AMENDMENT Async PHP Requests & Reactive Responses with PHP-FPM Lightning Talks Go Lightning Talks When perf-html Met A11y
  Exponential speedup in progress
  AMENDMENT The brief case for User-space Network Stacks (DPDK and friends) MySQL 8.0 Document Store: How to Mix NoSQL & SQL in MySQL 8.0
18:45 Document Redaction with LibreOffice
  Closing session Informal Discussions & Closing