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09:00 Welcome to FOSDEM 2021 The Virtual FOSDEM Infodesk (Saturday)
09:30 Welcome to the stand for The Apache Software Foundation Welcome to the stand for MIT App Inventor Welcome to the stand for Box86 Welcome to the stand for Checkmk Welcome to the stand for CiviCRM Welcome to the stand for Coderdojo Belgium Welcome to the stand for Debian Welcome to the stand for the Eclipse Foundation Welcome to the Fedora Project stand! Welcome to the stand for Foreman Welcome to the stand for FOSSASIA Welcome to the stand for FreeBSD Project Welcome to the stand for Free Software Foundation Europe Welcome to the stand for GitLab Welcome to the stand for The GNOME Foundation Welcome to the stand for Google Summer of Code Welcome to the stand for School of AI Port Haarcourt Welcome to the stand for Haiku Welcome to the Illumos stand! Welcome to the stand for Jenkins Welcome to the stand for KDE Community Welcome to the stand for Kiwi TCMS Welcome to the stand for Kopano Welcome to the stand for LibreOffice Welcome to the stand for The LibreSOC Project Welcome to the stand for MariaDB Foundation Welcome to the stand for Matrix Welcome to Mautic - Open Source Marketing Automation Welcome to the stand for Nextcloud Hub Welcome to the stand for ntop Welcome to the stand for ONLYOFFICE Welcome to the stand for OpenEmbedded Welcome to the stand for OpenHarmony Project Welcome to the stand for OpenMandriva Welcome to the stand for OpenTAP Welcome to the stand for OpenUK Welcome to the stand for openwifi Welcome to the stand for OW2 Open Source Community Welcome to the stand for Pharo Welcome to the stand for PostgreSQL Welcome to the stand for Pulp Welcome to the stand for ReactOS Welcome to the stand for RefPerSys Welcome to the stand for schul-frei Welcome to the stand for Sesame Discovery Welcome to the stand for Thola and NESi Welcome to the stand for Tracim Welcome to the stand for Unikraft Welcome to the stand for XCP-ng Welcome to the stand for XWiki & CryptPad Welcome to the stand for YottaDB
10:00 Empowering the school of the future Open Applications Infrastructure Designing a human centric next generation internet Dragging MAME into the 21st century Opening Accelerating HPC applications with Out-of-Order Commit Processors Infrastructure-as-code drifts aren't like Pokemon : you can't catch em all JavaScript welcome session Getting the Most from Modern Java Welcome to the MariaDB devroom Welcome and Introduction Let's find NeMo together Welcome to the Perl & Raku devroom PostgreSQL Waffles Intro to the OpenPOWER DevRoom OpenStreetMap Features as Proxy to Socio-Economic Indicators: A Network Theory Approach Products versus Protocols Why we should use Free and Open Source Software for safety applications Welcome to Testing and Automation devroom KubeVirt opinionated deployment via Hyperconverged Cluster Operator Ask-us-Anything Hey, developers, stop writing repetitive code, let Telosys do it for you!
  Rust, WebAssembly and open source MariaDB 10.6 and beyond What's new with OpenNMS
  The seL4 Report KernelCI has passed the test. Over to you!
10:15 Angular Test First Development Raku - Sets without Borders Microwatt grows up
  Combining crowdsourcing and expertise in Digital Humanities Adding Matrix for interoperability to existing chat apps
10:30 State of Apache OpenOffice Building a front-end for a p2p app with Fluence & Aquamarine Veracruz: privacy-preserving collaborative compute HPC Container Engine State-of-Art A hands-off approach for your Terraform Upgrading to a newer major version of MariaDB
  10 Ways Everyone Can Support the Java Community
10:45 Tools and Concepts for Successfully Open Sourcing Your Project KubeVirt: privilege dropping one capability at a time
  NESi Making Tools for Social Media Research: Principles and (Future) Challenges Can WebRTC help musicians? ntop @ FOSDEM
  Graphene Library OS Migrating from other databases to MariaDB
11:00 The PlayStation 2: From Emotion to Emulation Faster Spark SQL: Adaptive Query Execution in Spark v3 State assessment and data validation using Ansible Eleventy is a simpler static site generator. Foreign data wrapper study for schemaless databases Status of OpenPOWER support in coreboot Adding contracts to the GCC GNAT Ada standard libraries Benchmarking S3 in Ceph with COSBench Minigame: Codi Mash Technical Demo (DevOps) Agencies, why and how to use Marketing Automation for your business
  Need for secure composition. Aquamarine language.
  The seL4 Foundation Reliably reproducing kernel data races
11:15 Rebuilding the Apache OpenOffice wiki Cor - The Future of OO In Perl From Navicrawler to HyBro: a brief history of webcrawlers for social sciences Decentralizing HEP for RTC Platforms
  Secure Multi-Party Applications in Open Enclave DeepNetts: Deep Learning IDE Migration from Oracle to MariaDB with no application change ntopng for IoT
  Gazouilloire: a command line tool for long-term tweets collection
11:30 schul-frei Pinecones and Dendrites - P2P Matrix Progress DiscoPoP: A tool to identify parallelization opportunities in sequential programs and suggest OpenMP constructs and clauses Kubernetes Config Management Landscape Accessible code editing with CodeMirror 6 Database schema management for lazybones: from chaos to heaven The LibreSOC Project Leveraging virtio-vsock in the cloud and containers
  From 0 to public website in 20 minutes with XWiki Introducing Thola PANDORÆ
  Developing WebRTC What's new in Ceph RGW Industrial Network Monitoring With ntopng
11:45 Lightning fast enclave network services with async I/O Migrating MariaDB Cluster to ARM Web mining panel Document security and digital signatures in PDF
  libioth FLOSS meets Social Science Research (and lived to tell the tale) A Comparison of ftrace and LTTng for Tracing Baremetal and Virtualized Workloads
12:00 The future of Base 'Butts in the Browser Collabora Online for your documents An alternative to Heroku: An end-to-end open source infrastructure automation toolchain This DoS goes loop-di-loop The Java Version Almanac Perl, Raku and TPF Branding: Next Steps
  Eating your own dogfood; WebRTC for Broadcasters Get a chart image from a Google Sheet and display in App
  An Open-Source Framework for Developing Heterogeneous Distributed Enclave Applications Mariabackup - too rarely used
12:15 The Death of Openness and Freedom? It's the right time to switch computing to Open Hardware Power Architecture ML inference acceleration for lightweight VMMs
  Talking about Icinga and Icinga development Collaborating to describe datasets using Frictionless Data schemas: schema-collaboration
  About the joy and tears of testing Embedded Devices
12:30 Blurring the Lines: Tiki 'No-Code/Low-Code' Empowers An User & Developer Perspective on Immutable OSes Emulation 101: How anyone can do it The Great Cloud Migration with Network Automation & Service Mesh Talking Tabs - Communicating Across Browsing Contexts Caveats of replication High performance Rating Queues using CGRateS SMB3 Overboard
  Databases beyond the tutorials Raku: The Dynamic Language You Didn’t Know You Needed
  Disco API: OpenJDK Distributions As A Service
12:45 The localization process for Apache OpenOffice Emacs and org-mode for reproducible research
  The road to End-to-End Encryption in Jitsi Meet
13:00 How to defeat imposter syndrome Notcurses Ecosystem Introduction, A Scuttlebutt Walkthrough Openchain overview A brief introduction to Open Source Design Homebrew: macOS Big Sur and ARM From Reset Vector to Kernel your management layer should be cattle too Bangle.js: Making a smart watch Thunderbird in 2021 Void Linux: we heard you like little endian Operator SDK use case: virtual machine import to KubeVirt Expanding App Inventor with Extensions Technical Demo (DevOps) Dries Buytaert - Built to Last: Growing Sustainable Open Source Communities
  Atomic DDL in MariaDB Pluggable device drivers for Genode Network Monitoring with InfluxDB 2 and Telegraf
  eLabFTW - the open source lab notebook
13:15 OpenChain upfront: OpenHarmony was born this way The one where a Perl+Raku programmer went to the Bar ... ...
  Secrets or not, but don't clear text. It's a Bird, It's a Plane, It's SDKMAN: Software Development Kit Manager Towards free, private and secure communications Replicated block storage automation with LINSTOR
  Using ElabFTW for materials science
13:30 Lessons learned while collaborating remotely in a global pandemic Communicating CryptPad Two different approaches to building a distribution: OpenHarmony and OpenMandriva Do you even emulate, (Super Mario) bro? Open Source Firmware status on AMD platforms 2021 Hardwared Based CPU Undervolting on The Cheap Registry native delivery of software content with Pulp3. MariaDB Roles A journey to performance The Story About The Migration Proving heap-manipulating programs with SPARK Knowage - Advanced Analytics meets Data Visualization
  Perl in 2025 ELab panel Interactive debugging inside CI systems
  0 A.D.: Graphics Development
13:45 Hardware acceleration for unikernels The LibreSOC Project: Simple-V Vectorisation ReplicationWiki - Transparency in the Social Sciences WebRTC shouldn't be this hard! oVirt monitoring with Grafana & advanced options Welcome to the Zig Programming Language Ask-us-Anything
  Monitoring Large Networks with Naemon, Thruk, Mod-Gearman and LMD
  drand Exploiting Interfaces of SEV-ES-protected Virtual Machines Set operations UNION, INTERSECT, and EXCEPT in MariaDB
14:00 The Democratization of Databases Let There Be Topology-Awareness in Kube-Scheduler! FOSS for the Professional Historian Nextcloud Hub - 20 20 20 Design Bitcoin for Everyone Embedded Linux "from scratch" in 45 minutes... on Risc-V Emulating the full NTSC stack Deploy a Go HTTP server in your browser Don't get stuck on Pulp 2! Reinforcement Learning with JavaScript Bach Builds (on(ly)) Java Modules European Commission Open source software strategy A PostgreSQL development environment Minigame: Codi Clicker Steve Robinson - Maximizing Evergreen Content with Mautic Chat With the ntop Developers
  Capabilities for Open Source Compliance
  Open research in life science: funding foundational tools, trust, and talent Why WebRTC is the way it is.
14:15 What support do Perl beginners need?
  chezmoi: manage your dotfiles across multiple, diverse machines, securely. Overview of Secure Boot state in the ARM-based SoCs JSON Support: news, non-news, and the bigger picture
  Is the Time Ripe for Unikernels to Become Mainstream with Unikraft?
14:30 Quantum Computing on Cloud The Apache OpenOffice Documentation Redesign of an established Open Source CMS Building an interactive Continuous Integration platform for Open Source Firmware Go Without Wires Host your own on-premise Ansible Galaxy Rethinking the Biggest Developer Resource on the Web What’s next after CSI? An introduction to Object Storage for Kubernetes Serverless Computing with OpenNebula
  What is Holochain? Large-scale Network Monitoring: 3 Rules to Rule Them All Free/Open source Research Software production at the Gaspard-Monge Computer Science laboratory Abstract the SIP Handling Using the Call API TDD: seriously, try it !
  Local manufacturing of open-source devices for medical labs in Africa: prototyping stage in Cameroon. Jakarta EE 9 and Beyond
14:45 openSUSE MicroOS, a platform for everything from containers, to IoT, and even the desktop MySQL Performance for DevOps ELISA - Advancing Open Source Safety-Critical Systems Zig: the perfect language for a wayland compositor?
  Open Compliance Reference Tooling
15:00 GFXprim a graphic and widget library written in plain C ONLYOFFICE: How to provide ultimate security for real-time document collaboration Why are we scared of user research? Overview of the Open Source Vulkan Driver for Raspberry Pi 4 libretro: One API to Bring Them All How to build up an ecosystem for open-source firmware testing Drones, Virtual Reality and Multiplayer NES Games. The fun you can have with Pion WebRTC! Penglai Enclave: Verifiable and Scalable RISC-V TEE System Lessons in Programming Model Comparisons Using OpenMP and CUDA for Targetting GPUs Principles, Patterns, and Practices for Effective Infrastructure as Code BabiaXR: Virtual Reality Data Visualizations using only Front-End Open Source Culture is Very US-Centric, But It Shouldn't Be Adaptive Query Optimization in PostgreSQL: approaches and challenges Archiving, referencing and citing research software in Software Heritage FreeSWITCH mid-registering for Fun, Profit, Scale and Push OW2 Market Readiness Levels and OSS long-term sustainibility
  State of Microkernels in 2021 Get the Value of a Single Cell in a Google Sheet and return this to an App Inventor App
  Ceph RGW Message Queue API for Serverless Computing
15:15 Apache OpenOffice Web Resources Creating Vagrant development machines for MariaDB Mozilla History: 20+ Years And Counting Severely Debloating Cloud Images with Unikraft
  GossipSub: Attack-Resilient Message Propagation in the Filecoin and ETH2.0 Networks Contributors Guide to the Jakarta EE 10 Galaxy Programming Digital Audio Server (DAS) backend with Raku Unit Testing Ansible Roles using TDD with Molecule
  Keystone: towards an open standard for trusted execution environments Open source isn't enough. Working towards sustainable solutions with PubPub. Controlling media of ongoing calls with just a SIP Proxy
15:30 Live wallpapers for the X window system Migrating to an Open Source Wiki UX contributions to pip, Python's package installer Why Public Database as a Service is Prime for Open Source Distribution Calling Python from Go In Memory EESSI: One Scientific Software Stack to Rule Them All Config, config everywhere JavaScript connecting exotic hardware Software and Hardware Freedom in Health Public Policy Performance improvements and new use scenarios for SPGiST access method DeCODER: a new DevOps toolbox for code exploration and analysis
  Architecting a Holochain App What do we want to monitor? All the databases!
  Patching Democracy How to shard MariaDB like a Pro?
15:45 REUSE Mach-O linker in Zig: linking in the era of Apple Silicon
  TEEP (Trusted Execution Environment Provisioning) Implementation on RISC-V Research on the french law-making process How to build SIP3 based solutions or Wangiri fraud detection example
16:00 First Ph.D. then Open Source Startup OpenOffice UNO Programming with Groovy Gain a Superpower in OSS as a Designer Through Code The Road to the Mainline ZynqMP VCU Driver The Ides of RISC-V EDK2 UEFI on RISC-V kris nóva live XALT: Lessons from attaching to almost every program in Linux Cluster API as Code HTML5 validation with HTML-validate How Class Data Sharing Can Speed up Your Application Startup Open, Accessible & Delightful: building the Mozilla Hubs community during COVID-19 Postgres and the Artificial Intelligence Landscape Community Discussion: Safety and Open Source Florian Wessels, Leon-Elias Oltmanns and Lamin Njie - Mautic und TYPO3 - Eine unsichtbare Verbindung Installation Party
  MariaDB Observability
16:15 Trusted RV: 64bit RISC-V TEE with Secure CoProcessor as Root of Trust Rawgraphs Light RTPENGINE PROXY (LREPROXY) FOR KAMAILIO
  Virgo: A Versatile Spectrometer for Radio Astronomy Using nDPI for Monitoring and Security Daily Deploys with 6500+ Automated Tests powered by Open Source
16:30 Layered Governance for your Infrastructure with Kubernetes, OPA, and Terraform SemApps : A (Linked-)Data Management System based on SOLID and the semantic web Open design and how everyone can be a designer 'Cycle-perfect' is an imperfect marketing term Building cross-platform Go GUIs fast using Fyne Hitchhiker's guide from traditional HPC Cluster to containerized ensemble run at scale Scaling Release Management with GitOps Give open source a (tax) break OpenPOWER Foundation Community Zenroom : Crypto VM for database and blockchain
  Automating OpenChain with an open source CI pipeline The MariaDB Jupyter Kernel
  Beyond Swapping Bits Alpine Musl Containers: Now Upstream Datasette Pocket SIP Multi-Tools Kit
16:45 Apache OpenOffice Website CMS
  ntopng network monitoring and discovery Testing Visual Studio Code extensions
17:00 FOSDEM: The first 20 years Mentoring designers in open Source Software. TerosHDL, an open HDL IDE Compute Express Link in QEMU Improving the Secure Boot landscape: sbctl & go-uefi Go at Tailscale Guix Workflow Language Desktop Linux Management at Facebook Designing with sensor data PANEL: Open Source and Free Software License Compliance And Users MariaDB post-release quality assurance in Debian and Ubuntu Surprisingly Unsurprising Database Performance at GitLab.com Open-CE the community driven software distribution of machine learning tools Create an Android Application with Zig Bridging the gap between ITOps and DevOps
  Filecoin & IPFS: A new Home for Research Data reSIProcate project news
17:15 Watch the Asciinema Replay of Your Home-Made Honeypot MutantC PDA introduction Hardware-Aided Trusted Computing in High-Level Synthesis (HLS) for FPGAs Time Series Service
  RobotMK: Extend Checkmk with Robot Framework E2E tests
17:30 Open Harmony - more than an OS Secure Upgrades with DRTM The State of Go Application centric deployment with foreman / katello Buffer pool performance improvements Metrics in Context: A Data Specification For Scholarly Metrics QAOps - The Latest Trend in QA & Software Delivery
  CubicleOS -- when Hardware helps to partition software Reverse-engineering as a crossroads for investigation, science and open tools and technologies
  Black box panel
18:00 Ekke Guembel - Online + Offline = beste Erfolgsrate. Postkarten in Mautic-Kampagnen