Online / 6 & 7 February 2021


It's the right time to switch computing to Open Hardware Power Architecture

The game has changed, FOSS OS and software is everywhere running on every CPU architectures and devices. Even mass consumer computer manufactures are producing with "new" CPU architectures. In 2020 thanks to the Open Power ISA have opened Power Architecture new Chips. It's the right time to have (back) Power Architecture for Open Source Hardware lovers, in educations, makers, hobbyists, consumers and gaming electronics. We will see concretes present projects and future options.

This year IBM released the A2I,A20 POWER processor cores design (softcore) licensed with Creative Common CC-BY 4.0 and associated FPGA environment. In 2019 IBM opened the POWER Instruction Set Architecture (ISA) so now others chip manufactures could produce Power Architecture royalty-free chips . We discover how the FOSS have permitted to manufacturers to adopt newer CPU Architectures and how will be redesigned electronic adopting Open Source Hardware for motherboard and CPU design. We will focus on Open Hardware concretes projects around Power Architecture like the Power Architecture Notebook project, Libre-SOC project ( aims to deliver a physical POWER compliant SOC with a CPU, GPU, VPU, and DDR controller and others projects of cheap Power Architecture motherboards.


Photo of Roberto Innocenti Roberto Innocenti