Online / 6 & 7 February 2021


Secrets or not, but don't clear text.

Current state of secret management within Kubernetes

With containers being deployed at scale on Kubernetes, there is more than ever the needs of introducing proper Secrets management to address in and out services. While there are dozens of Network related open source projects, there is not much about the art of Secrets and almost none being to be part of the Cloud Native Computing Foundation landscape. This talk provides an overview of the open source state of Secrets management.

When deploying containers at scale by the hundreds or thousands, the Secrets management is always one of the most difficult topic to take on. Kubernetes by itself doesn't provide a real secure solution and any other solutions are either a pseudo open source solution calling for budget to move to the Enterprise version or calling for a true mental shift that scares Security Officers. This talk call provides an overview of these projects and concepts, why they are nice but sometimes scary.


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