Online / 6 & 7 February 2021


GossipSub: Attack-Resilient Message Propagation in the Filecoin and ETH2.0 Networks

Permissionless blockchain environments necessitate the use of a fast and attack-resilient message propagation protocol for Block and Transaction messages to keep nodes synchronised and avoid forks. We present GossipSub, a gossip-based pubsub protocol, which, in contrast to past pubsub protocols, incorporates resilience against a wide spectrum of attacks.

Firstly, GossipSub's mesh construction implements an eager push model keeps the fan-out of the pubsub delivery low and balances excessive bandwidth consumption and fast message propagation throughout the mesh. Secondly, through gossip dissemination, GossipSub realises a lazy-pull model to reach nodes far-away or outside the mesh. Thirdly, through constant observation, nodes maintain a score profile for the peers they are connected to, allowing them to choose the most well-behaved nodes to include in the mesh. Finally, and most importantly, a number of tailor-made mitigation strategies designed specifically for these three components make GossipSub resilient against the most challenging Sybil-based attacks. We test GossipSub in a testbed environment involving more than 5000 VM nodes deployed on AWS and show that it stays immune to all considered attacks. GossipSub is currently being integrated as the main messaging layer protocol in the Filecoin and the Ethereum 2.0 (ETH2.0) blockchains.

In this talk we will go through the design details of the GossipSub protocol, discuss it's novel points and present a comprehensive performance evaluation study. The talk will serve as a great forum to answer questions and justify the choice of using GossipSub in two of the biggest blockchain networks, namely the Filecoin and ETH2.0 networks.


Photo of Yiannis Psaras Yiannis Psaras