Online / 6 & 7 February 2021


RobotMK: Extend Checkmk with Robot Framework E2E tests

Why infrastructure monitoring is not enough

Robotmk: How to extend the monitoring system Checkmk with checks from the user's perspective

So you think you are comprehensively monitoring your business-critical applications? Are you using Nagios, Naemon, Icinga2, Checkmk et cetera for this?

Then... let me say that, alas, you only rely on a hypothesis, because all these IT infrastructure monitoring tools have their natural limits.

Robotmk extends the monitoring capabilities of Checkmk to the application level. It integrates the results of End2End tests done with Robot Framework - which is by far the most popular and versatile tool for automated testing.

My talk first covers the basic concepts of Robot Framework and Checkmk. You will learn the added value by RobotMK and the different monitoring strategies it offers.

Robot Framework/RobotMK has been chosen as the E2E monitoring solution for the application landscape of the swiss government.


Photo of Simon Meggle Simon Meggle