Online / 6 & 7 February 2021


ntopng for IoT

How to Profitably Use ntopng in Smart Homes

In this presentation we showcase how ntopng could be straightforwardly transformed to an indispensable trust-enhancing tool with many attractive features, i.e. simplicity, affordability and open-ness. We will finally share some first views from its deployment in a connected home testbed environment.

The connected home enables the interconnection and interoperability of various types of end-points catering for applications like connectivity/networking, media/entertainment, physical security, energy monitoring, or even healthcare, fitness, wellness, and more recently, given the unprecedented challenges of the COVID-19 outbreak, remote working. From advanced control of previously non-connected devices such as home appliances, to the employment of smart IoT platforms, the connected home end-user enjoys an extraordinary degree of convenience and money-saving capabilities. However, this level of automation comes at a price: every single connected device may act as a potential trojan horse, a backdoor compromising the privacy, the cyber security and even the physical safety of the house. We argue that as more and more connected things are incorporated in our digital environment, there is a need to develop new robust, open, and easy to use tools to help users increase trust and achieve greater control over their devices fleet. In this presentation we will introduce the EU Project TOTEM, jointly carried out by ntop and FERON TECHNOLOGIES. The project is an attempt to increase the trust in connected homes through the provision of improved information to end users about their home network security status, on a simple, usable, and comprehensible way.

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