Online / 6 & 7 February 2021


WebRTC shouldn't be this hard!

How can we make WebRTC easier for the next generation? What happens if we don't teach it.

WebRTC was the technology everyone wanted to learn in 2020. With COVID and WFH new developers and companies came pouring into the scene. They had lots of problems making their vision happen. Many of them didn't even know what WebRTC was. When they figured that out they still had to make the long journey of figuring out how to build. This talk is my reflection of helping developerswith Pion WebRTC. WebRTC has so much potential. We just need to solve some technical, educational and cultural problems.

Out of those experiences we started WebRTC for the Curious and tried to make Pion easier to use. I also have some future ideas that I would love help from the RTC community.


Sean DuBois