Online / 6 & 7 February 2021


State of Microkernels in 2021

Panel Discussion

Panel discussion and an extended Q&A session on the state of microkernel-based operating systems in 2021 and related topics. The panelists (in order of acceptance):

  • Martin Decky (HelenOS, Huawei)
  • Jakub Jermar (Kernkonzept, HelenOS)
  • Norman Feske (Genode Labs)
  • Julian Stecklina (Cyberus)
  • Udo Steinberg (BedRock Systems)
  • Matthias Lange (Kernkonzept)
  • Gernot Heiser (seL4)

The discussion will smoothly evolve into the traditional and less formal "microkernel dinner". Please bring your own food and beverages.


Photo of Jakub Jermář Jakub Jermář
Photo of Martin Děcký Martin Děcký
Photo of Norman Feske Norman Feske
Photo of Julian Stecklina Julian Stecklina
Udo Steinberg
Matthias Lange
Photo of Gernot Heiser Gernot Heiser