Online / 6 & 7 February 2021


OpenChain upfront: OpenHarmony was born this way

Legal compliance and Openchain conformance for a new operating system. Challenges and lessons

OpenHarmony is a new operating system stewarded by Huawei's Open Source Technology Center, with Array as advisor. Having prioritized compliance, governance and transparency, OpenChain was the natural backdrop for it. Rather than embracing open source only to exploit it, having transparency and compliance as a last minute afterthought, OSTC has made them central pillars from the very beginning. We seek the opportunity to present you how the goal of OpenChain conformance helped.

Born as an internal project, since its conception OpenHarmony's future has been to live in an independent, respected foundation that will receive all the tool for keeping it a truly community-driven operating system. The tools that Will be donated do include a compliance toolchain with source code scanning, compliance policy documents and roles, a Bill of Material for the initial release and many other artifacts to make it sure compliance is not a one-off exercise, but an ongoing commitment for the entire life of the project. Full conformance with Openchain is projected in a short-term future and it is surely a motivation to start with the right steps and making the right choice off the very beginning of the project.


Photo of Carlo Piana Carlo Piana