Online / 6 & 7 February 2021


What’s next after CSI? An introduction to Object Storage for Kubernetes

Moving beyond file and block storage in Kubernetes

Kubernetes graduated Container Storage Interface (CSI) to GA status in v1.13. Since CSI’s origin, it has evolved to support a large number of vendors and storage formats. It has brought the industry together in consensus about the best practices in storage. However, CSI’s major limitation is that it only supports Block and File storage. The rapid growth of Object storage means that a growing share of the ecosystem is currently using ad-hoc solutions to leverage this new technology. Object storage is a fundamentally different paradigm where data is accessed over the network rather than locally. It allows applications to remain stateless while offloading state into a black box over the network. Object storage is the key enabler for cloud migration. This paradigm, however, does not have a standard mechanism for consumption in Kubernetes. COSI fundamentally exists to enable the natural consumption of object storage with Kubernetes.

In this talk, we discuss our efforts in bringing object storage into the forefront of Kubernetes and introduce the Container Object Storage Interface (COSI) and cover: - Why COSI is needed for Kubernetes - Best practices for using COSI - Designing apps to leverage COSI - The COSI architecture, and how to contribute to the project.


Jiffin Tony Thottan
Photo of Krish Chowdhary Krish Chowdhary