Online / 6 & 7 February 2021


Overview of Secure Boot state in the ARM-based SoCs

In the ARM world, Secure Boot is typically a BootROM feature, which allows for verification of the loaded binaries (firmware, bootloader, Linux kernel) prior executing it. The main idea is to prevent the untrusted code from running on our platform. The general approach is similar across vendors, but there is no standardization in this area.

During this talk we will review the Secure Boot features in ARM SoCs from some of the most popular vendors. Not only will we analyze the Secure Boot presence or its features, but we will also focus on the tools and documentation availability. It is a known fact that often such documentation requires a signed NDA with an SoC vendor, which makes it difficult to use by regular users.


Photo of Maciej Pijanowski Maciej Pijanowski