Online / 6 & 7 February 2021


What do we want to monitor? All the databases!

Your databases and monitoring are all set up and you've got your MySQL and MongoDB databases figured out - you're monitoring them and everything is fine. You're killing off those occasional monster queries and you have it all in check. But now you've been tasked to keep tabs on that new Cassandra cluster your company has - we'll show you how to incorporate monitoring it into the Percona Monitoring and Management tool and which features enable you to get the best out of any new and existing database you're incorporating. Database problems? Not on your watch.

You will also find out how to include other databases into PMM as a handy open source tool you can use to monitor your databases. You're invited to ask questions during this presentation as well as in the Q&A section.


Photo of Agustín Gallego Agustín Gallego