Online / 6 & 7 February 2021



The Network Equipment Simulator

With the NESi software we aim at simulating certain points of a network.

At the Moment we are able to simulate DSLAMs (Digital Subscriber Line Multiplexer) of various vendors including Alcatel, Huawei and KeyMile to name the most popular.

The software itself can simulate the vendors OS running on the network-device and allows the user to configure the amount of network cards, the number of ports on said cards and connected CPEs (Customer Premises Equipment). In the OS itself the user is able to change certain values to configure the device. The traffic on ports can be limited and ports can be dis-/ enabled completely allowing the user to simulate a DSLAM. NESi also comes with a handy GUI which allows easier configuration of network-devices.

The idea of the software originated from Ilya Etingof, the creator of snmpsim. A python based software to simulate snmp calls to a network-device. In a future release of NESi we are planning on integrating snmpsim into our framework as well.


Philip Konrath
Photo of Janis Groß Janis Groß