Online / 6 & 7 February 2021


What's new with OpenNMS

Technology and roadmap update

In March 2021, OpenNMS will celebrate its twenty-first year as a free software project. Much has changed since the early days, both within the project and in the world in which people build and monitor networks. Surprisingly little has changed with respect to the project's mission, even as major changes are happening with the project's corporate steward, The OpenNMS Group.

Newcomers will receive a brief background on the OpenNMS project, and longtime users will come up to date with the project's latest advancements and near-term plans. If you're interested in monitoring your networked resources with a free platform that integrates events, metrics, flows, ML-enabled correlation, and more in a multi-protocol, distributed, and fault-tolerant model, this talk might be for you.


Photo of Jeff Gehlbach Jeff Gehlbach