Online / 6 & 7 February 2021


Quantum Computing on Cloud

Access quantum acceleration on cloud using co processor model

Unlike GPU cards, quantum acceleration is unlikely to be available as a personal computer in the near future. Right now all the known quantum computers are owned by major players. The lack of availability of quantum computers makes it beneficial to centralize the power of quantum computers, using a SaaS model to democratize access to them, therefore making the cloud a suitable home for quantum computing.

The first part of the session introduces an open-source co-processor model where classical computers can offload specialized tasks that are better suited to quantum computers thus lowering the onramp to incorporating quantum computing into applications today.

The next part of the sessions demonstrate how to build a co-processor model on the cloud using two community operators that provide quantum acceleration by leveraging Qiskit, an open-source SDK for developing quantum circuits, classical components powered by Red Hat OpenShift and IBM Quantum Experience as the quantum backend

The session concludes with a small demonstration of how to run a quantum circuit on the cloud using the co-processor model.


Parul Singh