Online / 6 & 7 February 2021


MariaDB Roles

Overview and Migration

MariaDB has had roles all the way back in 10.0 (2013). MySQL now supports roles as well, starting with 8.0. This talk will go through an overview of Roles in MariaDB and how they can be used. The talk will also highlight the differences, as well as the migration requirements, should you need to move to (or from) MariaDB.

Roles in MariaDB follow the SQL Standard implementation. Roles are a very useful feature for ensuring ease of use for a DBA. Not only that, but thanks to DEFAULT ROLE, applications not previously aware of roles can make use of them transparently.

In this talk we will cover the following aspects of Roles: * Creating, granting, activating. * Roles granted to roles (the role graph) * Default Roles * Information schema tables * Differences to MySQL, migration with mariadb-dump.


Photo of Vicentiu Ciorbaru Vicentiu Ciorbaru