Online / 6 & 7 February 2021


Contributors Guide to the Jakarta EE 10 Galaxy

Jakarta EE 8 has been delivered and Jakarta EE 9 is well on the way. This is a perfect time to begin exploring the horizons of Jakarta EE 10 and how you can help make it reality.

We will guide you on how to begin contributing towards Jakarta EE 10. We will cover ways of contributing, what paperwork is needed as well as the likely possibilities for Jakarta EE 10 including high level themes, platform level changes and some detailed features. Some technologies that might change include Jakarta Security, Concurrency, Messaging, Persistence, REST, Batch and Faces. New APIs that could be added include Jakarta NoSQL, MVC and Configuration. We will talk about non-specification projects such as the Tutorial and Samples.

We will also discuss what might be after Jakarta EE 10. Bring your thinking caps!


Photo of Reza Rahman Reza Rahman