Online / 6 & 7 February 2021


The MariaDB Jupyter Kernel

The reliability and performance of Open Source database solutions can’t be contested. They are fast and they are stable, but they fell short of integrating nicely with the latest data science and research workflows.

If you store your data in MariaDB or even other database systems from the MySQL family, I am proud to let you know we have been working hard to create a beautiful Open Source friendship between the MariaDB Server and the Jupyter ecosystem.

The MariaDB Jupyter kernel aims to improve the interaction with your data, it allows you to run MariaDB directly in a Jupyter notebook. You can display the results of your favorite SELECTs in Matplotlib graphics or export them into a DataFrame in another Python Notebook through database specific %magic commands.

This talk covers the current state of the MariaDB kernel, the existing features, how to install and use it and how we imagine it should look like in terms of functionalities in the near future.

It also explains the inner structure of the kernel, how to pass different configuration options and shows demos for some of the most common use cases.

There is no background knowledge expected to understand the content of this talk, if you've ever used a Jupyter notebook, a SQL database or both, or you'd just love to learn about these technologies, you're more than welcome to attend.


Photo of Robert Bindar Robert Bindar