Online / 6 & 7 February 2021


About the joy and tears of testing Embedded Devices

Embedded development is complex enough. By automating repetitive parts during development and employing testing, a lot of time can be saved and human errors avoided. Additionally, embedded development is usually a team effort: scarce hardware must often be shared between developers and sometimes even with automated testing. labgrid is an open source tool for remote control and testing of Embedded Linux Devices in a distributed lab. In this talk the presenter takes a look at how labgrid can be used in your Embedded lab and what labgrid's developers have learned in over three years of using and developing it.

At first the presenter takes a closer look at what is actually needed to fully remote-control an Embedded Linux Device: What are the typical interfaces that need to be covered? What remote-control hardware is commercially available?

Next the presenter will focus on the labgrid [0] framework. Labgrid is an embedded board control python library, with a focus on testing, development and general automation. After a short overview of the key design-concepts the presenter will discuss labgrid's architecture. This part finishes with a demo of how interactive development with labgrid looks like and how tests are implemented using pytest.

The talk will conclude with a lessons-learned with the joy and tears of over three years of active labgrid development and use.


Photo of Chris Fiege Chris Fiege