Online / 6 & 7 February 2021


Building an interactive Continuous Integration platform for Open Source Firmware

During that presentation I will run a quick demo of the OSFCI infrastructure which is developed by HPE to validate and build Open Source Firmware stack on Proliant server. I will introduce an overview at how the code works, and how to get involve, and make scale the platform. This project is available on github.

OSFCI is an interactive testing platform for Open Source Firmware. From a single web browser, a firmware developer can recompile ROM at BMC and System level, load them to a real system, and execute an interactive session to validate firmware behavior on real hardware. The goal of this infrastructure is to provide end to end validation automation for firmware development, easing adoption for open source firmware at scale.


Photo of Jean-Marie Verdun Jean-Marie Verdun
Marek Kasiewicz