Online / 6 & 7 February 2021


What's new in Ceph RGW

What's new in Ceph RGW

Ceph is an open source, highly scalable, software defined storage that provides object, file and block interfaces under a unified system. Ceph Object Storage Gateway (RGW) provides a RESTful object storage interface to the Ceph Storage cluster. It provides an interface that is compatible with a large subset of AWS S3 APIs. In this talk we will discuss the upcoming features in ‘Pacific’ release and beyond. The list of features are: S3select Lua scripting Encryption - kmip, kms backend, sse-s3 D3n cache Gc OMAP offload Xattrs in nfs Hadoop connector that uses rgw Bucket notifications: addition of persistent bucket notifications Zypper multisite enhancements


Photo of Pritha Srivastava Pritha Srivastava
Photo of Shilpa Jagannath Shilpa Jagannath