Online / 6 & 7 February 2021


Automating OpenChain with an open source CI pipeline

From code selection through container images to distribution

In this talk, James Curtis, lead developer at OpusVL, will explain the complex compliance challenge faced when working on a variety of projects for different customers, each having overlapping and separate areas of Open Source code.

He will explain the approach taken to automating the process by connecting up the software release pipeline through Continuous Integration (CI) tooling to deliver OpenChain compliance reporting.

This will cover the path from developer and version control through testing and finally to the hosted container image. The tools and processes will be shared as well as the current state - this is a new subject area so it is constantly being developed, and all based on freely available Open Source components.

The development of this process was funded by Innovate UK through the (DITO project (


Photo of James Curtis James Curtis