Online / 6 & 7 February 2021


Open, Accessible & Delightful: building the Mozilla Hubs community during COVID-19

2020 was an isolating year. During a time of travel restrictions and social distancing, Mozilla Hubs ( provided a safe place for people to come together virtually. This open source project allows users to quickly create custom 3D spaces, and invite others to join using only a link. It is browser-based, and works across a wide variety of devices - no downloads required.

From conferences, to weddings, to art galleries and even windsurfing lessons, over the last year we’ve seen a huge variety of creative applications that our team had never imagined. In this talk I showcase exciting work created by the Hubs community, and share specific insights learned while managing Hubs’ rapidly growing user-base. Attendees will discover how to foster an open, accessible & delightful community.


Photo of Elgin-Skye McLaren Elgin-Skye McLaren