Online / 6 & 7 February 2021


Lessons learned while collaborating remotely in a global pandemic

With the global pandemic, many teams have turned to remote work on a full-time basis. Prior, the XWiki team had been working distributively, building open-source software, for over 15 years. Some of us were working remotely full time. Other colleagues opted to go to the office. The majority of the team chose to blend the two, depending on their preferences and needs. Almost a year on, what seemed a temporary change feels like a permanent arrangement.

Being able to work entirely remotely has been, in many ways, a privilege. But collaborating during a pandemic is not business as usual. This talk reflects on the specific challenges we faced, the changes and tools we implemented to address them, and the ways we tried to support each other through this uncertain period. While there’s no one size fits all, we hope sharing our experience will prove useful for teams navigating similar challenges. We’re in this together.


Photo of Silvia Macovei Silvia Macovei