Online / 6 & 7 February 2021


Migrating MariaDB Cluster to ARM

MariaDB has been releasing packages for ARM for quite some time now. ARM is known to have a lower cost of ownership there-by delivering more TPS for the same cost, effectively generating cost savings. Any changes to the working production environment would surely make DBA/dev-ops anxious and we are talking about migrating to a different architecture altogether. How complex is that? Is it feasible? Is it the right time to look into it? What about the ecosystem/other aspects?

We will try to answer all such questions through this talk. We would discuss the why and how aspect, highlighting the step-step approach how user could migration existing MariaDB cluster to ARM, tools compatibility, do and don't, revert back to the old system (if needed rarely), etc....


Photo of Krunal Bauskar Krunal Bauskar