Online / 6 & 7 February 2021


Config, config everywhere

How to compose the configuration and secrets of microservices taking into account various variables without dying in the attempt.

In a micro service based architecture it's common to have to manage configurations and secrets based on different variables, such as the microservice, flavors of the microservice, the execution environment and data center, etc. Since it is an arduous task both in the time needed to add a new variable and to refactor existing ones I have created MHConfig.

MHConfig is a microservice in charge of composing configurations and secrets according to different labels and notifying the clients who use it when a change has occurred, providing various features to facilitate this work as references to recurrent or global values, traceability of the clients using a configuration, access control lists to prevent obtain to other microservice configurations/secrets, etc.

In this session I'm going to talk about how the tool works and how it can help solve common problems when managing configurations and secrets in a complex environment.


Photo of Juan Manuel Fdez Juan Manuel Fdez