Online / 6 & 7 February 2021


Large-scale Network Monitoring: 3 Rules to Rule Them All

So you want to monitor a large-scale network-- where do you start? This talk will give you some practical tips in strategizing your network monitoring to avoid future problems, detect those you didn’t know are causing performance issues and save your time in configuration. You’ll learn practical tips, summarized into 3 simple rules, coming from the speaker’s 20+ years of experience as a network specialist. Whether you're starting your monitoring from scratch or improving an existing setup, these tips will be useful for you to have a holistic network monitoring.

Along with the practical tips, the speaker will show some demos on how you can apply them using Checkmk, an open source IT monitoring software. We will discuss best practices to take advantage of rule-based monitoring in discovering all your network interfaces. After learning the fundamentals, we'll discuss how you can take it further with network flow monitoring using ntopng. This will help you troubleshoot network issues through in-depth network performance monitoring and network flow analyses.

By the end of the talk, you’ll get to learn a holistic approach to network monitoring; saving your organization lots of time, as well as budget for hiring external consultants.


Photo of Alex Wilms Alex Wilms
Photo of Martin Hirschvogel Martin Hirschvogel