Online / 6 & 7 February 2021


Empowering the school of the future

Remotely accessing files in a distributed LDAP and Samba-based infrastructure

How can users of your network be allowed not only to remotely access their files but also to collaboratively edit them? Docker, NextCloud, LibreOffice Online and LDAP are the pillars of the proposed solution. The talk will start describing the context where this proposal was born i.e. the FUSS Project ( The analysis of the problem will follow along with the development details of the solution and suggested deployment strategies.

FUSS is both a digital sustainability project launched back in 2005 and a GNU/Linux, Debian-based distribution for schools, currently used in around 80 schools in northern Italy’s South Tyrol. The presentation, held by Paolo Dongilli (FUSS Project coordinator) and Marco Marinello (developer) will quickly go through the first 15 years of life of the project and then deeply inspect the proposed solution called "FUSS Remote Access" which helped teachers accessing their didactic materials and files left in schools' servers during lock-downs caused by the Covid-19 pandemic.


Photo of Marco Marinello Marco Marinello
Photo of Paolo Dongilli Paolo Dongilli