Online / 6 & 7 February 2021


Angular Test First Development

How to write Angular components that can evolve ? How can we write components that can easily be refactored ? How can we write tests that won't be useless as soon as we change the implementation ? We can achieve all that by writing the tests first, writing tests that are agnostic of the implementation, so writing tests that focus on features.

When it comes, refactoring an Angular component can be delicate especially if the refactoring breaks all existing tests. Adapting the tests while refactoring is always a risk, it can make the tests useless. So how can we write tests that aren't coupled to the implementation ? We can do it by writing the tests firsts, if there is no implementation, tests can't be coupled. Let's see how we can write theses tests without knowing how the component looks like.


Photo of Florian PASTEUR Florian PASTEUR