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09:00 Welcome to FOSDEM 2022 The Virtual FOSDEM Infodesk (Saturday)
09:30 Welcome to the Box86 stand Welcome to the Checkmk stand Welcome to the CiviCRM stand Welcome to the openSUSE stand Welcome to the Debian stand Welcome to the Eclipse Foundation stand Welcome to the Fedora Project stand Welcome to the Foreman stand Welcome to the FOSSASIA stand Welcome to the Free Software Foundation Europe stand Welcome to the FreeBSD Project stand Welcome to the GNOME stand Welcome to the Google Summer of Code stand Welcome to the Haiku stand Welcome to the illumos stand Welcome to the KDE Community stand Welcome to the Kiwi TCMS stand Welcome to the LibreOffice stand Welcome to the LibreSOC Project stand Welcome to the MariaDB Foundation stand Welcome to the Matrix stand Welcome to the Mautic stand Welcome to the Nextcloud Hub stand Welcome to the ntop stand Welcome to the Oniro Project stand Welcome to the ONLYOFFICE stand Welcome to the OpenMandriva stand Welcome to the OpenTAP stand Welcome to the OpenUK stand Welcome to the openwifi stand Welcome to the OW2 Open Source Community stand Welcome to the Pharo stand Welcome to the PostgreSQL stand Welcome to the Pulp stand Welcome to the ReactOS stand Welcome to the RefPerSys stand Welcome to the schul-frei stand Welcome to the The Apache Software Foundation stand Welcome to the Ubuntu stand Welcome to the XCP-ng stand Welcome to the XWiki & CryptPad stand
10:00 Making a community-managed FOSS project sustainable in the medium- to long-term Jitsi: 20 years of Real Time Communications Keeping Your Java Hot & Fresh in 2022 Opening Low-code data visualization and aggregation with OpenSearch Dashboards A practical guide to CUE: patterns for everyday use Welcome to the MariaDB devroom Welcome to the Open Research Tools and Technologies devroom Introduction to Open Source Design Raku devroom intro Welcome to Retro-Computing devroom Subplot - documenting your criteria for success Welcome to Testing and Automation devroom What's coming in VIRTIO 1.2 Decentralized Self Sovereign Trust Graphs Plasma Mobile in 2022
  SGX Enclave Exploit Analysis and Considerations for Defensive SGX Programming MariaDB Server's new release model From pipe dreams and waste to functional accretion: building a capable infrastructure for the Digital Humanities A Raku Grammar for Navigation Lights Getting 1K Chess for the ZX81 online
  Mainlining the reMarkable 2 eInk tablet
10:15 Automating Code Review with Sparse
  Advanced PCB simulation with KiCad Documenting a Design System
  What is new in mariadb 10.6 ? Code Liberation and Software Sustainability
10:30 Oniro - an open-source starter for fast-paced IoT environments Gramine Library OS Uncovering Arcon: A state-first Rust streaming analytics runtime Let's Get Serial! Cross-platform/cross-hypervisor virtio vsock use in go
  Records and Text Blocks: But What Else Is Interesting In OpenJDK 17? Introduction Free Software Development as Observant Participation
10:45 New features in MariaDB 10.7 and MariaDB 10.8
  Advanced Unit Testing in the Hedron Microkernel Free Software, Dependency Management, and what I got wrong at FOSDEM 21
  Nemomobile WebAssembly + Confidential Computing
11:00 Empowered for Action: Making open Science Practical in the Global South. The Future of WebRTC Project Overview 2021/22 INTEROFFICE FreeCAD Link Branch Development Build an Open Source Streaming Data Pipeline Migrating Foreman/Katello from EL7 to EL8 using LEAPP/ELevate Suggestions for a Stronger Mozilla Community Academics developing software testimonies panel Welome to the Open Source Firmware, BMC and Bootloader devroom Don't trust us, trust the math behind immudb Introducing OKD Virtualization
  MariaDB Server on macOS Firmware Settings and Menus
11:15 Made by Woz: how Apple-1 operating system works? Kalendar and the case for Akonadi
  Introducing Kotlin In Your Organization: From The Ground Up Short break A practical solution for GNU/Hurd's lack of drivers: NetBSD's rumpkernel framework Writing with data visualization Unit testing Linux kernel drivers
11:30 Tracim, the helping hand for all your collaboration needs Collecting Sentences for Common Voice ToroV, a kernel in user-space, or sort of
  Privacy-preserving video object detection in WebAssembly inside Veracruz Improved histograms in MariaDB 10.8 Multi-language Data Wrangling and Acquisition Conversational Agents
  Livemark: data presentation framework
11:45 Revisiting the Linux packaging for Apache OpenOffice Welcome to the Conference Organisation Dev Room Librem 5 phone kernel report
  Free tools that help you run online events in an effective way Genode meets the Pinephone
12:00 State of Open Source Databases WebRTC broadcasting with WHIP LibrePCB Status Update Let's Talk About Foreign Functions In Java Symbolic Validation of SGX enclaves using Guardian Using Ansible and Proxmox to manage an embedded RPM distro build factory: lessons learned Performance oriented InnoDB log format changes BabiaXR: Virtual Reality Data Visualizations for the browser MetaindeX and user requirements for a generic catalog application A Computer Museum Designing a new Language for Safety: Fuzion Continuous testing in a cloud based infrastructure using virtualization and real hardware in the loop KubeVirt scale test by creating 400 VMIs on a single node
  Supporting open design in Bitcoin GRUB - Project Status Update
12:15 We've got issues JavaScript welcome session - day #1 Visual inquiries panel
  ngspice - current status and future developments
  Lunch break
12:30 Translation DebConf Conference Infrastructure Five mysteries in Embedded Linux Taking a desktop OS to mobile phones Technology kits (choices) that enable to consistently deliver high quality frontend solutions at speed MariaDB Optimizer - ongoing development and changes "CV Project app": How an Android app can change the Mozilla Common Voice project Nim concurrency DevOps, Cloud Native, DPUs: beyond the buzzwords
  On the dissemination/evaluation loop for Research Software Class learning analytics with Raku
  KiCad Project Update Native Language Access: Project Panama for Newbies Managarm: Design of a pragmatic fully-asynchronous microkernel
  What is special about open source research software and why does it matters?
13:00 Tearing down Barriers for Contributions by Non-coders and Newcomers On the Far Side of REST Tracking your time with Timewarrior Back to DirectFB! Welcome to the Go Devroom Running trusted payloads with Nomad and Waypoint Destructuring Frontend monoliths with MicroFrontends How to teach OSS licenses and compliances at a university Enhanced debuggability support in LLVM for various Fortran language features MySQL 8 vs MariaDB 10.7 Mozilla Support: 24, 7, 365 Isolating PCI/CXL Devices: It All Starts with System Launch KDE Eco
  Next generation micro-controller programming Policies panel
  Using OBS, Jitsi and Kdenlive to stream and edit conference videos Open Source Firmware status on AMD platforms 2022
13:15 Make the code work for you: Flutter Code Generation Debugging and Monitoring in Unikraft
  Reconfigure from all over Java Security: Log4J, the SecurityManager, and Funding Dissecting Slices, Maps and Channels in Go
  Logging, debugging and error management in Confidential Computing Ersilia, a hub of AI/ML models for infectious disease research Trajectware - timeline-based navigation across computing heritage
13:30 XWiki as an FOSS alternative to Confluence and Notion Automotive Ethernet PHY bring-up: lessons learned and debug tips 2 Years of Mobian An update on the Digital Markets Act Why ODF is a better standard than OOXML MariaDB Point-in-Time-Recovery Testing Requirements Documents Automatic CPU and NUMA pinning
  How to write an extension for C
  Measuring and analyzing humidity data using Python, syslog-ng and Elasticsearch Hacking through BIM models LibVF.IO: vGPU & SR-IOV on Consumer GPUs using Nim
13:45 Nurturing Developer Communities in Unprecedented Times Thunderbird in 2022 Improve diagnostics of typhoid through Open Science: An Artificial Intelligence-based technique
  Lessons from 6 Virtual Ansible Contributor Summits Secure boot, TEEs, different OSes and more Mariabackup + Restic: a simple and efficient online backup solution for your DBs Hardware accelerated applications on Unikernels for Serverless Computing OST2: A new way to grow security talent for open source projects
  The beautiful world of Flutter Testing Mastering Your Error Domain Hack for the Planet
14:00 UnifiedPush Jupyter for React.js developers Open CASCADE Technology status update Security Warning: Your Java Attack Surface Just Got Bigger Simple (but useful) Ansible reporting with ara Behavior Graph A globally unified governance framework for Open Source Coverage for eBPF programs How to Start a Language on Mozilla Common Voice? Encrypting binary (and relay) logs in MySQL Synthesising user testing insights with OSS tool teams Decentralized Authentication Frisbee: An advanced suite for the automated testing of cloud apps over Kubernetes Network interface hotplug for Kubernetes Open Source Data with Ceramic
  Artificial Intelligence Panel
14:15 Arm CCA enablement through the Trusted Firmware community project
  C meta-programming for the masses with C%: cmod Sparselizard 2021.11 - your multiphysics FEM simulation tool Porting mainline Linux to mobile phones MariaDB DENY command Polymorph: a compile time approach to entity-component-systems in Nim GitBuilding: Open source documentation for open source hardware
14:30 How to ask Good Questions in Open Source Communities Nextcloud in 2021 FOSS Events Primer Bringing RAUC A/B Updates to More Linux Devices Go Further Without Wires Can JS also build the metaverse? Why the pandemic could help FOSS, but was a win for proprietary software OOXML Document Analysis UX/RT - a QNX-like OS based on seL4 Hash join in MySQL 8.0 We hear you! Keeping old Unix/Linux up-to-date with pkgsrc The story of adding TPM support to oVirt i3-Market Self Sovereign Identity Authentication
  Llsoftsecbook: an open source book on software security for compiler developers
  Introduction to qbe The CadQuery Ecosystem Simple Tweaks To Get The Most Out Of Your JVM Short break BeeHive: a flexible open hardware platform for behavioural experiments Keeping the past to preserve the future
14:45 MariaDB Galera Cluster and M/S replication Searchfox LAVA + OpenQA = Automated, Continuous Full System Testing
  Building PWA with Flutter Rethinking the OS for Isolation Flexibility with FlexOS Open Hardware Panel
15:00 Crowdsecurity Backgrounds are blurry, but the future is clear InterPlanetary Wheels How to build OpenOffice today Pushing the Open Source Hardware Limits with KiCAD ply: lightweight eBPF tracing Using OpenStack to reduce HPC service complexity Immutable Infrastructure with Flatcar Container Linux Rapid Prototyping Physical Interfaces with Web Serial and Cheap MCUs. Why Device Neutrality is important for Free Software? Let's Build a 200-Page-Long Lecture Book with LibreOffice Writer 8-bit Character support on architectures were the smallest addressable unit size is 64-bit in Clang and LLVM RedLeaf: Isolation and Communication in a Safe Operating System ProxySQL 2021 Dev Submit Potato Zombies When to invest in the UX of (scientific) open source Deploying VMs and Containers across Infrastructure Providers Scaffold a Holochain App in 10 minutes
  Fun with Finite Automata
  Building a consensus meta-data standard for actigraphy and light exposure data Attestation's Requirements
15:15 Ten Tips for Better MariaDB Performance Radically simple testing in Raku
  Making the web preservable with open source tools Using pgeu-system to manage your conference The road towards using regular linux on ebook readers TornadoVM: Hardware Acceleration For Java In Practice Intravisor -- a hypervisor for fine-grained isolation using CHERI BrAPI: a standard API specification for plant breeding data
15:30 Introducing ONLYOFFICE Forms for paperwork automation and smart collaboration Containers in HPC Bridging the Gap between Jamstack and Big Data Panel: Hot Topics Creating professional templates with LibreOffice Writer Firefox Desktop Development 101 Backup/Restore tools performance comparison Standards panel Why Designers are the Mediators of Accessibility OpenPOWER Ask Me Anything (AMA) AOSC OS/Retro - An Introduction Phyllome OS Building Web3's Video Infrastructure Layer
  Libc++ on Linux - using the example of Oniro
  Let's escape this vicious circle Fuzzy generics
15:45 The way to a new build Environment Developing for the AWS Nitro Enclave Platform Creative uses of triggers The Composite Component-Based OS Pararules GitHub Actions (in|for) Raku Oniro CI/Testing integration with LAVA
  Ontology Development Kit
  Architectural thinking on Flutter State Management
16:00 Open Source Network Automation in 2022 Introduction to Media Streaming Mesh Generating virtual 3D exhibitions from Wikipedia How to overcome development challenges when building self-hosted collaboration platform Build Systems all the way down. Java & Alpaca: A Beautiful Friendship This is The Way- A Crash Course on the Intricacies of Managing CPUs in K8s Central Infrastructure Management: a user friendly deployment of OpenShift on Bare Metal Accessibility testing with HTML-Validate Document themes in LibreOffice Impress and elsewhere LLVM and ANTLR: A Starter on a non-Linux Machine Remote workshops The Libre-SOC Project Old Web Today: Keeping Flash (and other) Retro Web Sites Accessible on the modern web How (not) to make a mockery of trust Mixing Peer to Peer Protocols on the Web
  Short break Sustainable community building with the Wikibase Stakeholder Group
16:15 JSON Serialization - The Fine Print MariaDB Connection ID Hardware-accelerated graphics in secure multi-tenant environments
  Mono Lake Story - how we enabled an open hardware platform Fuzzing, or How I Generated 1,000,000 New Emulator Test Cases in an Afternoon
16:30 Apache OpenOffice Verification Testing Deploying Containerised Open-Source CSP platforms FOSDEM Conference Infrastructure One stop shop: Best Practices for Programming Embedded FPGAs Status of camera support on mobile FOSS devices Process-based abstractions for VM-based environments Making Apache Spark, Apache Mahout, Kubeflow, and Kubernetes Play Nice E2E testing with Microsoft Playwright Advantages of LibreOffice Technology Mitigating Processor Vulnerabilities by Restructuring the Kernel Address Space Introduction to Foxfooding HPC from Python to Nim Knowledge management communities panel FrogFind and 68k News The Peoples' Web3
  Raku Steering Council Q&A Panel
  Java Threading Essentials More on bpftrace for MariaDB DBAs and Developers History of Testing
16:45 F-UJI : A Tool for the automated assessment and improvement of the FAIRness of Research Data Calling all UX Designers!
  Why your next embedded project should be written in Go 5 OpenSource Test Automation tools in 45 minutes!
  Flutter in the NFT world
17:00 Implementing the NTFS filesystem in Rust RPort remote access and remote management Search and aggregations made easy with NodeJS and OpenSearch Canvas For Rendering UX Nim Metaprogramming in the real world Internal R packages for Open Science in Agrometeorology Plan 9 CPU command, in Go, for Linux OpenPOWER Foundation 2.0 A Brief History of Spreadsheets Introduction to Neighbourhoods
  Introducing MYSQL_JSON plugin Unhackable across 30 Years, End in Sight
17:15 1 year of the Sustaining open source design podcast Tracing KubeVirt traffic with Istio
  Fuzion: A New Language For The OpenJDK Unifying Java's Concepts Unveiling Hidden Physics at the LHC using Open Data
  The State of Go
17:30 GPIO across Linux and Zephyr kernels Information Engineering Operations Scaling a Decentralized Metaverse in Browser without Data Leaks
  The future of databases is confidential
  Open Data Panel Pitch your project