Online / 5 & 6 February 2022


What's coming in VIRTIO 1.2

New virtual I/O devices and features

The VIRTIO standard defines I/O devices that are commonly used in virtual machines today. The last version of the standard was released in 2019 and much has changed since then. This presentation covers new devices and features in the upcoming VIRTIO 1.2 standard.

There are 9 new device types: fs, rpmb, iommu, sound, mem, i2c, scmi, gpio, and pmem. We will look at the functionality offered by these devices and their status in Linux.

This presentation is aimed at users of virtualization who may be interested in new virtual devices that are becoming available in Linux, QEMU, etc. It may also be of interest to driver and virtual machine monitor developers who are considering implementing new devices.


Photo of Stefan Hajnoczi Stefan Hajnoczi