Online / 5 & 6 February 2022


Measuring and analyzing humidity data using Python, syslog-ng and Elasticsearch

A desktop thermometer that displays relative humidity is useful, but it does not provide continuous monitoring. In comes the Raspberry Pi: it is small, inexpensive, and has many sensor options, including temperature and relative humidity. It can collect data around the clock, do some alerting, and forward data for analysis.

Originally it was a project to practice Python and learn Elasticsearch, but ended up with using syslog-ng between the two. Along the way, I also learned how to regulate humidity in my room. In my talk, I plan to cover the following topics:

  • collecting environmental data on the Rasbperry Pi using Python

  • configuring Elasticsearch to work around a syslog-ng limitation

  • configuring syslog-ng to forward the collected data to Elasticsearch / OpenSearch

  • take a look at the graphs in Kibana and learn how to keep humidity low in your room


Photo of Peter Czanik Peter Czanik