Online / 5 & 6 February 2022


This is The Way- A Crash Course on the Intricacies of Managing CPUs in K8s

From homogenous single-socket to heterogenous multi-socket clusters

Optimizing CPU management improves cluster performance and security, but is daunting to almost everyone. CPU management may seem complex, but it can be explained in such a way that even your inner toddler will comprehend. With this talk, we will give a path to success.

You may have a multi-socket node cluster where your AI/ML workloads care about the proximity of your CPUs to GPUs. You may be running scientific workloads where you want to pin in cores within containers instead of just a pod level. You may have a single-socket server where you want to save a single core outside of Kubernetes for a daemon dedicated to mining bitcoin, without affecting your other jobs (please do not do this). We will cover these and more, helping you understand the intricacies of CPU management within the kubelet and what Kuberenetes can and cannot currently do. We will also cover how you can help escalate the visibility of use cases not currently covered within Kubernetes.

Many clusters do not have CPU management because it is difficult to do correctly without impacting performance. While there are static and dynamic pinning abilities, we will consolidate the use cases and remove the pain it takes for users to deploy Kubernetes. This talk will help the audience gain an insight into features that can be used for resource management and orchestration of containerized applications with focus on CPU management. Users that have performance sensitive workloads such as AI/ML, Telco, 5G and Networking workloads will benefit from this talk. This talk will also help CTOs, system architects, developers and engineers in their planning to develop, test, or optimize their deployments in a Kubernetes environment. We also hope to use this forum to find other community members with specific needs in our desire to make the kubelet more flexible with regard to CPU management.


Photo of Swati Sehgal Swati Sehgal
Marlow Weston