Online / 5 & 6 February 2022


Frisbee: An advanced suite for the automated testing of cloud apps over Kubernetes

As distributed systems evolve, the testing scale multiplies, asking for dozens of test cases, combined with different application benchmarks (e.g., performance, correctness), and arbitrary operating conditions. Kubernetes holds a promise to enable automation and process improvement directly contributing to a system's reliability. Establishing a declarative API and providing a cheap and disposable environment, Kubernetes makes it easy to create uniform experiments, which may run manually or be exercised multiple times over the development cycle through a CI/CD system. Despite their abundance, existing benchmarks and Chaos engineering tools work in isolation, thus restricting the complexity of testing scenarios we can build.

This talk will present Frisbee: an automated suite for the unified testing of distributed applications over Kubernetes. Frisbee simplifies a series of time-demanding activities, including the spin-up of the dependency stack required to bring the system into a steady state, the combined execution of workloads and faultloads, and the validation of the system's behavior via test cases. We will demonstrate Frisbee through a series of tests, focusing on uncertainties at the level of application (e.g., dynamically changing request patterns), infrastructure (e.g., crashes, network partitions), and deployment (e.g., saturation points).


Photo of Fotis Nikolaidis Fotis Nikolaidis