Online / 5 & 6 February 2022


Suggestions for a Stronger Mozilla Community

Personal Thoughts and Ideas for Possible Improvements

As one of the earliest large FLOSS projects, Mozilla had a strong and growing community of volunteer contributors for a long time. Then, a lot of factors leading up to today led to the environment changing very significantly, and today's community has some good groups in some areas, but not the kind of connected movement that existed in those earlier times. The speaker has been part of all of that development, starting off as a volunteer very early in the project, working on Mozilla staff for a few years in between, and still being part of the volunteer community in recent years. From that point of view, he'll bring up some ideas and suggestions on how this community can become stronger and grow again, so that a significant voice for the Open Web and the Mozilla Manifesto will hopefully be out there also in the future.


Photo of Robert Kaiser Robert Kaiser